Sean Beene

A native of Shreveport, Sean Beene grew up in a single parent home in some of the city's more poverty-stricken neighborhoods. A graduate of C.E. Byrd, Northwestern State University and an aspiring professional athlete, he played football on the collegiate and semi-professional levels. Talented as he was, God had a different plan.

In 2010, Sean accepted the task of teaching. Although inexperienced, he realized the great need for positive leadership in Shreveport and hoped to be a difference in the communities he once played in as a child.

While teaching third and fourth grade, he realized that his calling was beyond the classroom walls. He began tutoring after school to offer students additional help to become successful in the classroom. He also started the Tiger Pride football team to teach not only athletic skills on the field, but fundamental life skills off the field. In 2014, he, along with Ashley, launched K.I.N.G.'s Champs to reach beyond the school building into the community.

A believer in hard work and sacrifice, Sean is a humble servant who strives for not only the best for himself, but for his community as well. He's dedicated to creating something better for the youth of Shreveport and is doing all he can to get the job done.

"One of the greatest rewards has been to reach back into my community and help others strive for more. Individuals did the same for me, so it's only right that I keep paying it forward."