K.I.N.G.'s Champs is a nonprofit organization that operates fully on donations. Make a monetary or in-kind donation today and change the lives of our youth. 

How can you help

We are always looking for a few  good volunteers. Whether you are a football coach and looking to spend a season with us or maybe you  just want to volunteer for a specific event, we invite you to come have fun and become a role model with us.  
Click Here  and let us know your skills and talents and we will figure the rest out.

Become a volunteer

K.I.N.G.'s Champs is open to boys and girls of all ages. It's our desire to start with them young so lessons become habits and continue with individuals for a lifetime.Click Here to contact us.

Who can participate

K.I.N.G.'s Champs' volunteers take their jobs seriously. However, we like to have fun too. Safe events and activities are created to achieve our mission. Activities can include (but are not limited to) football and basketball teams, museum trips and extracurricular days. During these times attention is paid to a particular lesson or skill. For example, if the activity is a museum tour attendees will be taught the importance of dressing nicely and putting forth their best manners in a public atmosphere. 

Each experience should be one to remember. To help with that, many times each attendee will receive something to take home. 

How do we accomplish our goals

  • To Expose youth to life skills more than likely not learned in low income broken homes
  • To Engage youth with community leaders
  • To Educate youth on  the qualities of becoming productive and successful young men and women

K.I.N.G.'s Champs' Goals

A nonprofit organization, K.I.N.G.'s Champs is a solution to the growing problem of children lacking life skills and positive outlets as a result of poverty in urban communities. It offers youth the opportunity to gain Knowledge; value Integrity; understand Nobility; and become the Greatness their community needs in spite of their current circumstances. ​

The Mission